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Graduation And Convocation


Students can be assured that all U of R credentials will continue to be awarded when earned, and the decision to cancel the Spring convocation ceremonies does not, in any way, affect the timing and awarding of degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The term itself may have been disrupted due to the serious health implications of COVID-19, but the achievements of students have not been affected. Please monitor your email and refer to the University's COVID-19 Campus Updates page. For more information visit the FAQ page.


Congratulations! If you are visiting this site you must be close to completing your program. Soon you will be joining over 70, 000 University of Regina Alumni. Once your program is completed, the awarding of your credential is not automatic. In order to graduate you must apply first. Once your application is received by your faculty, federated college, or academic unit the approval process will begin. Applications can be submitted at any time, and are processed in the order in which they are received; however, if you want to attend the convocation ceremony, there are important application deadlines:

  • January 31: to attend the spring ceremony

  • July 31: to attend the fall ceremony

To begin, please click on the Applying to Graduate link below.

Applying to Graduate


Convocation is a term often used to mean the meeting of Convocation, and, particularly, the ceremonial meeting at which new graduates are welcomed into the Convocation community. Convocation can also mean the group composed of the Senate of the University of Regina and all the University’s graduates. Our convocation is a ceremony that celebrates the achievements of both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as, honourary degree recipients. Convocation may include the presentation of Deans’ Medals, University Prizes and Governor General Silver and Gold Medals.